Shanore Ocean Fish Abalone Necklace Adorned with White Swarovski® Crystal


The paua fish pendant necklace is a breathtaking piece of jewelry that makes a statement of elegance around your neck. Crafted in Sterling silver, embellished with sparkling Swarovski® crystals and inlaid with shimmery multi-hued paua shell, it features a fabulous fish shaped pendant strung through a hidden ring on a thin silver chain.



The body of the fish is embellished alternately with bands of luster-filled Abalone shell and rows of sparkling Swarovski® crystals. The tail and the fin are textured silver to create a perfectly balanced look. The fish is an ancient symbol of the ability to survive turbulence. Paua shell signifies protective energies of the ocean. This gorgeous necklace brings together these qualities to help the wearer feel calm and secure amidst everyday stresses.

Exquisite and elegant

The fish pendant necklace has been crafted in Sterling silver and embellished with Swarovski crystals and colorful paua shell to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Its alternate bands of multihued paua and sparkling Swarovski® crystals add eye catching beauty to the piece. This abalone necklace helps evoke serenity and security in the wearer.